Poultry & Eggs


Chickens are a GATEWAY farm animal!  A dozen laying hens were our first animal here at Tavern Hill Farm.  We love their silly antics, and are blessed by the nutritious and scrumptious daily fresh eggs.   Sadly, there are too many predators here to truly free-range the girls. But they have a large pen where they can peck and jump on stumps, and receive veggie, bread, and grass scraps daily, and are let out a few times a week when we are there to supervise.  Mealworm frenzy treating is also a toddler favorite here! Eggs are available on a first come first serve basis at the farmstand at the corner of Dutton Hill and Tavern Hill!  $4/doz. 



WHOLE FRESH PASTURED CHICKEN is now available by request.  We raise our birds on pasture, moving them to a new section of grass every day to graze and catch the bugs!  They are also fed Blue Seal food.  These birds are very learn due to their activity level and green diet!  The flavor is outstanding!  Average is bird is 5 lbs dressed.  $4/lb. 

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