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2018 UPDATE - We are currently taking some time off of raising Pigs to expand our blueberry operation.  Thank you for your support in the past, and we will update when we are ready to raise them again!  


Our Pigs are an integral part of our farm.  We raise them from 8 weeks old up until slaughter time in a happy, healthy enviroment. 

Our pigs are unbelievably happy!  We feel that this is a very important aspect of raising any animal, especially pigs.  It has been shown that commercially raised pigs release excess levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, which over time can change the taste of the meat to a slightly sour-tinged meat.  This stress is caused by the very tight quarters they are raised in as well as inhumane conditions.  When pigs are allowed to be free ranged and root (as nature intended), they have very little stress and cortisol hormone.  They also can root for micro-organisms in the soils, which have been shown to enhance flavor.  This stress-free lifestyle coupled with a vegetarian diet  full of treats (their favorite is spaghetti!) has resulted in the superior quality of pork that Tavern Hill Farm has come to be known by. 

Our pigs are encouraged in every way to do all things PIG.  They spend their days with us in a huge, ever-changing 2 acre plot that ranges from pasture to farm fields to woods.  We regularly move this area depending on the season.  Within this plot they have a large pond that we have dug for them and fill with water in which they can cool off and wallow (their favorite).  We also charge them with many tasks on the farm such as rototilling the fields, stump removal, and disposal of "blemished" veggies.  By raising them in such a healthy enviroment and practicing good animal husbandry, we avoid the need for antibiotics and hormones.

We feed our piggies a healthy, vegetarian diet.  The pigs have access 24/7 to large feeders that are full of Blue Seal Feed, which we purchase locally.  They also enjoy veggie scraps both from our own fields and crop production, as well as from a large local farm we have partnered with.  In an effort to continue sustainable recycling practices, they also occasionally get treated to spent sweet beer grain from a small local brewery.  Our customers have also been known to stop by with treats for the eager little piggies.  (Please ask before you do, as some things can make them sick!)

Our pigs are processed in the fall and early winter.  We bring them to a local USDA certified butcher shop to be processed, smoked if applicable, packaged (vaacum sealed), flash frozen, and labeled.   Custom butchering is available to customers who purchase half a pig or more.  There are various options for pickup and delivery of pigs available (please contact us for details). 

Our pigs are sold by the pound of hanging weight.  This means the weight after slaughter at the butcher, before they have been processed. The price includes all processing.  Our pigs range from 200-325lbs at the time of slaughter, averaging 250lbs.  1/3 of this weight is usually lost in the butchering process, which amounts to an average of 170lbs of processed meat, ready for your freezer! We require a deposit up front to secure your pig, as listed below.

2016 Prices:
$3.25/lb whole pig  ($400 deposit)
$3.50/lb half pig ($225 deposit)
$3.75/lb quarter pig ($125 deposit, custom butchering not available). 

Here is the Butcher Cut Sheet for whole and half pigs.  This needs to be filled out and returned to me by email or mailed to us before processing.  Butcher Cut Sheet

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you have about our pigs!

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