All-Natural Wild Maine Blueberries

The first crop that we propagated on our farm was Wild Maine Blueberries.  We started with 1 acre and have expanded over the last few years to 3 acres of fields that have been increasing in production every year.  We do not use any pesticides on our blueberries, which means a lot of TLC and hand work goes into the growing of our blueberries. The rental of honeybees from a local beekeeper last spring added even more fruit to last years' harvest.



We have partnered with Allagash Brewing Company in Portland, and sell our blueberries exclusively to them for the production of their small batch artisan beer, Little Sal.  It is an absolutely delicious sour summery refreshing beer with a beautiful dark auburn color from the berries.  They use 1 lb of our blueberries per gallon of the beer and the quality is unmatched.  Little Sal is available as a limited release at the brewery only. 

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